Tuesday, April 12

A #Cre8time Throwback to Nature... AMAZING Tree Bark Jewels by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with some Amazing Casting Products inspiration! Some years ago I had come up with an idea of using Amazing Mold Putty to create a Tree Bark Texture Plate to use with polymer clay. I often use that texture plate to this day, using some of the same techniques I was able to create new, easy yet stylish, jewelry with the help of Amazing Mold Putty and some Amazing Clear Cast Resin!

Even years after I made the original texture plate Amazing Mold Putty is still flexible enough to put the polymer clay and plate through a pasta machine to emboss polymer clay. 

As before I rubbed on some Alumilite Metallic Powder on the uncured clay, highlighting the embossed details and used a small oval cookie cutter to cut out ovals. I baked the clay ovals as per the manufacturers instructions. Once the ovals were cool to the touch I carefully sanded the edges and cleaned any dust off the pieces.

I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin and carefully applied it to the front of the polymer clay pieces. I let the resin sit for about 10 minutes before adding some small flat-backed crystals to the resin with a crayon (the wax of the crayons sticks just long enough to transfer crystals to the surface after lightly pressing the crayon on the surface of the crystal). Not only did the resin act as an adhesive for the crystals but it helped the colors of the metallic power appear more vivid.

I let the resin cure completely and used a jewelry hole punch to punch small hole through the top of each oval. This allowed me to put jumprings through each oval to create a one of a kind necklace!

By going through some of your Amazing Mold Putty
molds what inspiration might you find?

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

Please share them on the user GALLERY on the Amazing Crafting Products Website!

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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