Tuesday, June 21

Handmade Earrings with #Cre8time Charm...
by Lara Hjorthoy

Hi Artists! With this being the first couple of days of summer, I decided my jewelery collection needed something a little fun! Plus I wanted to use the metallic powders by Alumilite and create something EXTRA special! So after making a couple of teensy tiny flowers in clay, I molded them with the always amazing, Amazing Mold Putty!

When they cured I happily spread silver metallic powder into the mold and then mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin and dropped a couple of drops of black dye into the resin. I mixed it up good and proper, poured and after a little bit of time, out popped my tiny little flowers! They're so pretty! Added some sparkly touches and some hooks and bam! Brand new earrings! In waaaaay less the time it would have taken to go to the mall, shop around and find ones that MIGHT have been as good! 

Gotta love this stuff!

Share with me your summer jewelry creations,
I'd love to see what you do!

Cheers! ~ Lara

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