Wednesday, June 22

Make a #Cre8time Statement... Easy-Peasy Pendant Making by Aimée Wheaton

Hi all! Aimée here with an easy how to for you. I LOVE statement necklaces and pendants. These necklaces usually have an awesome focal (pendant), usually handmade and very fun. When I hit the jackpot at Tuesday Morning a week ago I got a bunch of bezels to play with. Here's a simple idea for a fun pendant using bezels.

When I make these the hardest part is choosing what to put inside, it has to be something you're willing to part with because it will be stuck forever in resin. :)

Here's a few I created last week.

Love these!! Can't wait to put them on necklaces.

Starting is the hardest part – I never know
what I want to make when I start creating.

I trimmed out the template and cut a piece of artwork from a magazine I liked. Still not quite sure what I was going to do but it was a good start. I painted the bezel with our Sky Blue Alumidust for some color and shimmer.

It stays put when you put the resin in.

Next you must seal the paper you are using with a glue, I used gel medium. If you don't seal the resin seeps through and makes your paper look darker.


When the paper is dry, set it inside the bezel.

This is the hard part... choosing trinkets.

Next mix equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – I added in some glitter. Click here to see how to mix it! Using the popsicle stick drop in small bits of resin over your bezel and let it slowly fill in naturally.

When it was full I dropped in some watch parts and the resin "Frozen Charlotte" I had. Let the resin cure completely. When it's done you have a very cool focal to use in your jewelry making!

Super fun, super easy!!

Do you collect trinkets and turn
them into new creations?

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Till next time! Xoxo Aimée

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