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Sneak in a Little #Cre8time... Ombré Monoprinting Technique by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello Amazing Crafters! Susan here sharing some monoprinting... mixed-media painting technique that virtually ANYONE can do – anywhere! Monoprinting gives me a painting fix and at the same time I can enjoy the randomness of creative play and make some fabulous backgrounds for other projects.

Just some of my monoprinting tools... all created with Amazing Mold Rubber. I have created many AMAZING DIY No Gelatin Rubber Plates in various shapes and sizes – pouring them in empty plexiglass frames and recycled crafty packaging. CLICK HERE to jump over and view how I created these. The Amazing Mold Rubber is more stiff and dense than the standard Gelli Arts® version, though it's much more durable.

Over my experience of creating these and trying out different monoprinting plates you can buy – you don't need to make them so thick to get the same results. Some of my earlier slabs are about 1/2" thick. I've since made some in recycled packaging that aren't thicker than 1/4" thick.

Don't forget... backsides of your molds can be a perfect slab for monoprints! A lot of my molds are round shaped, too. One side I can use the shapes/voids of mold as a mark maker and the other side is completely flat and perfect for a monoprinting palette {CLICK HERE to view examples of monoprinting with my round molds}.

I selected my ATC size plate that I use this for arting on the go. It's about 3" x 4" in size.

One of my favorite monoprinting techniques is an Ombré painted background. Hard to do when painting traditionally – but this is super quick and easy with a monoprinting plate and a brayer. This background is a great start for building up layers of texture and pattern... one pull at a time!

I begin by applying three colors of Ranger Adirondack acrylic paints {Lettuce, Bottle and Stream}. These have a metallic sheen and dry super fast - so these have been designated to my arting-on-the-go box. I also have a few recycled items at the ready for mark making and adding patterns as I go.

Using the brayer, I roll horizontally back and forth a few times to blend colors nicely. Areas that are a bit wetter create interesting resist areas... random is always good!

I gently press the a sheet of recycled book paper onto the paint and rub overall. This is where your hands get messy... in a fun way!

Gently peel back the paper and set aside to dry. 

Some paint will stay behind. This is good – monoprinting is all about layering. I love how the Ombré came out... but it's a bit bright and a nice beginning. I'm going to add another layer to add texture and tone the bright colors down.

I added some white Picket Fence Distress Paint and brayered across the entire plate – right on top of the dried leftover color from the last step. Don't waste that paint! Excess paint on the brayer is transferred onto a blank page in a recycled book which is now a growing art journal.

Since  the Distress Paint is more fluid, it stays wet a bit longer. I let it sit for a minute or two and press a cork repeatedly to make some interesting organic shapes.

Then I press my original Ombré background on top to add a second layer. Rub... rub... rub... then peel to reveal the magic! I had tried to make a pattern with a recycled pill blister pack and that resulted in few marks - but I did press the packaging on top like a stamp to remove the paint. This added several brighter white coffee bean shaped areas.

I'm really happy with this background, so I stop here and continue my monoprinting play and make some more ATC starters.

A TRIO of budding ATCs...

Monoprinting is quite addictive. Out of my short time playing {about a 1/2 an hour}... I have created a half dozen painted ATC book page backgrounds, and started backgrounds of several pages in a recycled day-timer book from cleaning paints off my brayer. It's so much fun!

What do you create with
your monoprinted papers?

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