Friday, August 26

Chasing #Cre8time Rainbows... AMAZING Inspiration from Lara Hjorthoy

Hi Friends! I'm gonna share a little Rainbow inspiration with you folks today! I decided to make some new wings for a Monster of mine, Pedi...

But for this round I wanted to play with the Alumilite Dyes, and see just what they will do... so I mixed up a small batch of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured into my shiny mold (created with Amazing Mold Rubber). Then using suuuuuper tiny amounts of rainbow colors, on the tip of popsicle sticks, I swirled them into the resin, and let it cure. I'm super thrilled with the results and can't wait to make a new Pedi to match! 

However, now that it's been done, I'm thinking these lovely wings could be drilled for earrings or maybe hooked together for a necklace!!!! I have soooo many ideas now for this process! These dyes are so versatile!!! 

What wonderful creations
can you make
with this swirly effect???

Hope all your summers are great!
Stay Inspired ~ Lara

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