Monday, August 29

#Cre8time Keepsakes... Memory Inspired Collage from Trinkets by Aimée Wheaton

What is this? 

It started with a broken mug my mom had saved... believe it or not. This was a simple keepsake project using three products and trinkets I had around the house.

My mom LOVED blue and white dishes and saved
even her broken ones to use in mosaic art.

This was from a mug and makes a perfect niche.

The focal point was a pin she bought me at Express back in the 90's and it was a favorite. We had "Fleur de Lis" all over our home due to our French heritage. I loved it so much I had to mold it before I embedded it in resin. I LOVE Amazing Mold Putty for that reason alone.

I mixed some Amazing Casting Resin and threw in the trinkets!
Wait for the magic!

I swirled around a drop of blue dye as well. As the resin cures, it turns opaque.

Ooey gooey goodness! Love how RICH this looks!

From different angles...

This keepsake project came together quickly. I like how it is free-form and very different – it would make a great conversation starter. Hope you enjoyed this and see how easy it is to save pieces to use in resin work.

Do you save things to create with?

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Till next time! Xoxo Aimée

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  1. What a cool way to save something broken and make it new again!!


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