Tuesday, August 16

How Cheer Up a Sick Plant... by Tanya Ruffin

I found some fun "prize" jewelry cleaning out my mom's house. In my childhood jewelry book alongside my "The Fonz" necklace, I came across some sweet necklaces. By sweet I mean tasty treats – an ice cream cone, fudgesicle, a macaroon and even a sandwich charm. Not sure what 10 year old would wear these, but I bet I won them at the state fair.

I have some great ideas for what to make out of these – but first I need to mold them with Amazing Mold Putty. With my new sweet molds ready... I brushed in some Alumidust powders before I making the first cast. I had to use the pink!! I then filled the mold with Amazing Casting Resin.

They came out adorable!
Now what to make with them?

I decided my first craft would be to create some fun plant jewelry. I used some dollar store (or takee outee) chopsticks and some 24 gauge wire. The thinner the wire, the better. Cording, string or embroidery floss would work well too. I wrapped the wire through the resin charm (my popsicle cast too), and then wrapped wire around the top of the chopstick. Since chopsticks taper you will never have to worry about your charm sliding down.

My plant jewelry is sure to cheer up this sick plant. :)

How would you adorn your plants?

Go Craft Your Own Way!

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