Friday, August 12

An AMAZING #Cre8time Reveal... the Hidden Beauty of Petoskey Stones

Beauty in nature is found most everywhere... even in hidden places. This is true of Petoskey stones, which are found in Michigan and the upper Great Lakes region. This fossilized coral has a unique geometric pattern that is revealed when wet.

While these stones can be polished to bring out it's beautiful designs – we've found an easier way! By coating stones with a thin layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, you can achieve a wet-stone look that reveals each stones unique pattern.

Watch to see more of this amazing process...

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**A few TIPS** After applying resin, you'll want to cover stones while curing to prevent dust from settling on the surface. After curing you may have a small puddle of cured resin on the backside of the stones. This can be repaired by sanding that part down, then applying a thin coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the sanded area and allow to cure again overnight. The resin can also be applied using a foam brush or cosmetic sponges.

Enjoy your beautiful coated stones! The Petoskey stones reveal their inner beauty with this easy faux-polishing technique... ready to use in handmade jewelry and other handmade creations.

This technique can be used with other stones to bring out their hidden beauty... like this pendant featuring a triangular stone created by Rachel Whetzel.

What would you embellish with resin?

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