Thursday, September 8

Tis the Season for #Cre8time... Christmas Tree Ornament REDUX by Lyn Gill

Hi All! Lyn Gill here again with an Amazing Mold Rubber project for you. First of all I know it's not quite time to start Christmas projects, but I always wait till the last minute to think about how I'm going to decorate my tree. This year I decided to start early... LOL! 

I started with an old hollow decoration from a wreath I had dismantled. He's cute but I wasn't too wild about the color. I needed to make many of them so Amazing Mold Rubber was the answer. 

In a disposable plastic cup I molded the little cherub with the Amazing Mold Rubber and let it set up. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

As you can see I sliced the side of the mold to aid in release. Before pouring resin, I wrapped a rubber band around outside of mold to keep mold closed tight. I filled the mold with Amazing Casting Resin and let it set up. He turned out so cute! I was actually shocked when I de-molded him!



Now he's adorable isn't he?! I painted him a lovely Turquoise color then added some crackle glaze and a bit of clear glitter on the wings. 

What will you mold with
The possibilities are endless!

Well thanks so much for stopping by today... 
Till Next Time! ~ Lyn

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