Friday, September 2

#Cre8time Explorations... Amazing Resin Painted Galaxies by Lara Hjorthoy

Hi Friends! Lara here with a "How-To" project this week – something a wee bit different! I decided with all these great frames I've been collecting... I needed to put some of them to use!

I love skies, and galaxies and stars! I often paint these scenes and they're beautiful when I do. To my delight Amazing Casting Products has all these beautiful colored dyes and one of my favourite products, the Alumilite Pearlescent Powder. So, I decided this week to try CASTING my own galaxies!

I first started out with a small 5" x 7" frame that I spray painted in a lovely semi-flat black. Then attached the piece of glass to the inside of the frame with superglue. That I allowed to set overnight just to make sure there would be no weird reaction with the resin.

I added to 6 different cups a tiny amount of black, blue, violet, yellow, green and white dyes as well as a tiny amount of the pearlescent powder to each cup.

I mixed up a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and after allowing the bubbles to settle for a bit, I poured a small amount of the resin to each cup – mixing each again, very thoroughly! The Pearlescent is so-o-o-o-o beautiful in all the colors! It adds just the right amount of sparkle, or in this case, STARS!!!

Upside down, right after pouring!

I poured each color separately into the frame, allowing them to mix together a bit. I used a popsicle stick to push around the resin colors that I wanted to shape a bit more. Then sat back and allowed this to cure! Here in Vancouver, the curing time wasn't long, and I was able to see the results within 4 hours.

I flipped the piece over and boy was I surprised! The pearlescent powder had settled ever so on the glass that the resin was poured onto, and I ended up achieving a crazy sparkly effect! It's gorgeous!

Since this was so reflective and hard to capture in a photo, here's a little video capturing the full sparkly effect! If you have trouble viewing video, please CLICK HERE.

Now to do larger galaxies!!!! I can't wait to make more of these... as it was so easy to make. What a dramatic piece of art to add to your wall!

Hope you enjoyed this little How-To this week!

What out of this world resin
paintings would you create???

Stay Inspired ~ Lara

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