Wednesday, January 11

Amazing Mold Putty® and a Victorian Picture Frame


Wow is it just me or has it been hard for anyone else to get into the swing of a New Year? I am however rather proud of the cute little picture frame that I made using Amazing Mold Putty® and also Amazing Casting Resin®. Let me tell you something about these products, there are other brands out there but from my experience I would go for these products every time. These products are just so easy to use!! To begin with I assembled the product I planned on using:

AMP MOLD PUTTY VLVS PAPERCLAY 003 All that you have to do is knead equal amounts of Part A and Part B together  and flatten it a bit and press your $1.00 bargain picture frame into the putty.

AMP MOLD PUTTY VLVS PAPERCLAY 004 I know you’re thinking that couldn’t really do anything special and when it’s set and you pull the frame out, it looks like this:mold putty picture frame 002 Which is even more unappealing. Once the mold was made I mixed up equal parts of the resin along with some black dye, poured it into the mold and let it set up. It was a fun process and once it was finished I used some rub and buff to burnish the edges. I then inserted a Victorian picture that I had and covered it with Crystal Lacquer. I used some Petaloo flowers to embellish along with a ribbon for a hanger. I really like the way it turned out, what about you?

mold putty picture frame 005

Aren’t these ladies beautiful? Do you see all the details that the Amazing Mold Putty® picked up when the picture frame was pushed into it? This stuff really is amazing and they weren’t bragging on themselves when they picked that name! lol Let me know what you think of the project please and ask any questions that you might have about it. You can find these products at Michaels stores and also Hobby Lobby.



  1. First, I didn't they still MADE rub-n-buff. I have fond memories of my mom and Aunt Linda at the craft shop they owned...back in the 70's, their motto was: Spray it black and Rub-n-Buff it! Second, I have a question. Is the mold flexible? I see edges that look like they come up over the $1.00 frame...but it could just be shadows. If there are, does the resin frame come out easily?
    Third...can you paint the mold stuff? Looks like an interesting sculpting material.

  2. That looks GORGEOUS! Absolutely amazing!

  3. it is amazing. I love the coloring...Great job as usual


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