Friday, January 13

Reproduction Jewelry from a Special Keepsake

Hello crafters! Carole here today to share a special project. This pin is one of my favorites. It belonged to my mother. Her brother (my uncle) brought to her as a gift when he was in the Navy during World War II. I've always enjoyed wearing this piece of jewelry as a pin, but with Amazing Mold Putty I can now wear a reproduction as a necklace!

I made a mold of the original pin mixing equal parts of "A" and "B" of Amazing Mold Putty, and kneaded them together until I had a uniform yellow color with no streaks. I rolled the putty into a smooth ball and slightly flattened the ball before pressing the pin face down into the putty. In about 10 minutes the mold was set. Here I have a white casting that I can treat in a variety of ways – gilding foil, paints, markers. I just haven't decided exactly how I want to treat this one.

For my finished pieces I used Alumilite Gold and Silver Metallic Powders and different colored mica powders to achieve different looks for the reproductions. I brushed the powders into the mold before pouring in the Amazing Casting Resin. The resin is easy to mix – equal parts "A" and "B", stir together until there are no streaks, and pour into the mold.


I also use pearlized Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel and mica powders for two castings – one is a full reproduction and one is only the face.


The neatest thing is that now I can share a piece of mother's jewelry with my sisters.

There is so much you can do with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin! Check out my Create & Craft blog for more project ideas.   ~ Carole


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