Sunday, January 8

Let's Make Snowflakes!


I thought I'd share with you some super cute, super glittery snow flakes.

Here in NW Ohio, where it SHOULD be cold and snowing, it's 50 degrees.
Is that global warming? LOL

So, I've been creating all kinds of snowy, glittery things. 

Here's one for ya to try!

Head to your local discount store and pick up a silicone ice cube tray.
Obviously we're using a snowflake tray today.
 Brush the inside of the mold with Pearl powder.
 Mix up your Clear Cast Resin according to the package directions.
When your A & B parts are mixed together, throw some glitter in there and STIR STIR STIR!!!
The glitter I used is old Making Memories brand glitter.
Pour your glittery goodness into the mold.
Yes, there are three that only have clear glitter, because I wanted to fill the entire tray and I didn't mix enough...Follow the same directions as for the blue ones.
Let them set for 24 hours and pop them out. 
Aren't they pretty!

I used a Fiskars Hand Drill and drilled holes into the top of these beauties.
I'm planning to add eye pins (they are used for jewelry making) and string them on ribbon
 (but, ahem, I couldn't find my eye pins! LOL).
When I do so, I'll come back and edit the post and show ya.

They would even be beautiful bowl fillers...Or imagine a tall, thin clear flower vase full of these! 


  1. Your snowflakes are just so sweet! They would really be useful in a lot of different decor.

    Hugs XX


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