Friday, January 27

Amazing Resin Pendant

My mom enjoys making jewelry and several years ago she talked me into taking a jewelry making class with her.  Since then I have enjoyed making a few pieces here and there, but now that I have found the fabulous Amazing Crafting Products I have even more fun making jewelry.  This is a quick pendant I made in just a few hours. 

I started by making the mold using equal amount of Amazing Mold Putty and a child's wood block.  I found the blocks at a local dollar store during the holidays and they work great for making square molds, round molds, triangle molds, etc. 

After I had the mold created I mixed some White Amazing Casting Resin and mixed a little Black Dye in and poured it into the mold. 

I allowed it to sit according to the casting resin directions and popped it out of the mold and here is what it looked like.  What fun! 

 For the design, I used one of my favorite company's rub-ons.  Would you believe that is a rub-on that is normally used on scrapbook pages and cards?  I, also, drilled a hole in the top and added a jump ring.  After that I added the gems with my heat tool made for attaching stones to jewelry pieces  I finished it off by adding it to some lame' roping with a few extra beads I had from other projects and just like that I had a new necklace to enjoy and what is even more fun is that I created it from scratch with the help of Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin!


  1. so the pink and black!

  2. Gorgeous. Such a versatile product that I must have. So much to make so little time but I will be buying some no matter what. I would love to win some too but will buy even if I don't. Love it

  3. Lovely pendant! Would make a terrific gift!

  4. What a fun blog hop. I love what can be done with the two products. Thanks for aharing your project. I love the pendant.

  5. Love the pendant!! What a fun blog hop!!

  6. blog hop was wonderful and inspiring! Can't seem to get to Creative Paperclay or Barbara's blog, but I'm following every one else!!


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