Friday, January 20

CHA Bound!

As part of the AMP team we get the chance to show off our best molded pieces @ CHA!! Here is one of the cards I sent! I wanted to embrace the scrapbookers, cardmakers, altered artists and paper crafters in general.. so I molded a piece of jewelry and turned it into an embellishment!!

After the card base is complete.. cut inked and assembled.. I worked on my molded piece!

1st - I cast my owl in the 2 part molding putty by mixing equal parts of A and B, then pressing my piece into the putty and allowing it to cure.

2nd - I mixed my quick cast resin (equal parts A and B) until clear

3rd - I added a very minute amount (SO SO Small.. about the size of a diamond in an earring or a grain of sand) of Alumilite's Brown Dye - then mixed it into the clear resin, poured into the mold and allowed it to cure

4th - After it was set I peeled my piece out and dry brushed the little fella with white acrylic and then "stained" him with Rusty Hinge distress stain!

Thanks All!! -DeeDee


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