Thursday, March 15

Domino Bookmarks with Amazing Mold Putty

The "domino" side of Sam's bookmark and the photo side of Will's

Today I bring you my last post as part of the 1st design team for Amazing Mold Putty. After a great deal of consideration--as I LOVE Amazing Mold Products--I decided not to reapply and give others the awesome opportunity to work for this team and experiment and craft with a truly exciting product!!  I will still on my own blog post crafts featuring the putty and resins from time to time but for my last post here I made Domino Bookmarks. 
Some things you look at and think, that's gonna be simple to cast...and then it comes time to do it. Let me tell you, dominoes is not under the easy to cast project. 
I thought I would simply press the dominoes into the putty,
let it set up and voila! domino molds.
WRONG. The air gets trapped in the little divots an you don't
get a perfect domino mold.
So, I concentrated on getting the perfect divots molded first. Next I built the rest
of the mold around the proper divots. If I found one of the bumps too imperfect,
I could cut it off of my mold with a craft knife an add a new one. The putty is very
forgiving of such treatment and will easily stick onto itself as you build up a mold.

Finally a near perfect mold...there are still imperfections in this
that can be sanded out...the hardest part the divots are awesome
and will be perfect for my project. 

I fill the molds with the Amazing Casting Resin which is almost instant
gratification, setting up in 10 minutes!

I pulled the dominoes out of the mold and the imperfections
of the casts become very clear...but they are easy to remedy.
In the 12 domino you can even see where I cut off some of the
divots and added new ones!
A little sanding with some sandpaper produces quick effects making the
cast dominoes look almost ready to play with!
I colored the divots in using BIC Mark-its. In hind site I might
not do that again as when i dipped them into the UTEE it smeared
a bit. not something I would normally expect from an alcohol ink.
The nice thing about the resin pieces is that when I colored outside the lines
of the divot, it was easily sanded clean!
I printed on white card stock fun photos of Sam and Will that will fit on the
back of the dominoes. I dipped the dominoes into the hot UTEE to give
them that finished look and I dipped the photos as well giving them a glossy
finish. I did these separately as I was planning on sandwiching the ribbon
between the photo and the cast domino.

pretty shots of my new melting pot as the UTEE heats up!  

I adhered the ribbon and the photo to the back of the domino with red line
tape--I wanted the ribbon sandwiched between the photo and the domino.
these are now ready to dangle in my books as I read about crafting and such.
For fun, I molded the double 3 for Sam's age and the double 6 for Will's. 
 Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed my project!! Thank you for letting me serve you on the Amazing Mold Putty Team! It has been an extreme pleasure!


  1. These came out perfect! Great tutorial and thanks for the sanding off tip after painting the dots. Mine would not look that neat 'before' sanding.

    They look so real, cute bookmarks :)

  2. What a great project... love the UTEE melted on the dominos!

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