Monday, March 19

Dress Form (x2)

Good evening everyone!!!

I'm bringing you today some wonderful dress forms -- which have hit the scrapbooking community by WIND STORM! they are SO popular and seen EVERYWHERE! 

I found a small vintage dress form which I molded with the two part putty. Then I poured the dress form in quick cast white resin -- let set and then demolded! (I've actually done this TONS of times.. but here are two of my favorite pieces)

Here is an altered box where the dress form is adorned with a doily skirt, a string of pearls and some glitter glue! Tucked into the back it makes a beautiful addition to this green/brown/white ensemble :) 

and here is a card that was displayed at the AMP CHA booth -- the dress form here takes center stage, also adorned with a doily skirt but there's a beautiful blue cabochon right in the center of the skirt. This cabochon is also quick cast white resin but is colored with alcohol ink! 

Oh the fun you can have with the amazing products brought to you by AMP! -DeeDee


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