Friday, March 23

Make Your Own Cocktail Ring... by Niki Meiners

One day I was walking past the armoire in my bedroom when the door knob caught my eye. A normal person would walk on by and think... that is a pretty knob. Not a crafter with Amazing Mold Putty in their arsenal of tools. I did not think twice about removing the knob and making a mold.

I used my last tiny bit of Creative Paperclay® in the mold. The result was nothing less than stellar. I painted the piece with Lumiere paints in black and enhanced the texture with copper. I then had to figure out what to make with my new found piece. Then it hit me. A cocktail ring!

So alas, I bring you the cocktail ring. upside down waiting for the glue to dry. So I may wear it tomorrow night. ~ Niki

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