Thursday, March 1

Shamrock Door Chime

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and I really wanted to do a St.Patrick's Day Project this year.

A couple of years ago I bought dollies on Clearance at Michael's I paid $0.25 for a pack.  Last Year I glued the dollie to a cereal box  and made decorations.  I decided I wanted to mold the shamrocks and cast them in resin.

Smaller Shamrock (mine was an old cereal box painted)
Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Allumilite Gold Metallic Powder
Paint (Apple Barrel® Foliage Green and Folk Art® Metallic Christmas Green)

The shamrock dollie

Molding the shamrock in Amazing Mold Putty

Resin setting in the molds - I used wax paper as a base because I had a huch I would make a mess.

Painted stringing them together and adding bells to ribbon.

Finished hanging on the door.


  1. These are so pretty!! Brilliant idea!
    Nat -x-

  2. so cute! This shamrock would make a sweet pin, too :)


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