Monday, February 27

Reminds me of a lumberjack....

When I purchased this mold from my local craft store, the first thing I thought of was that this little guy on here could pass for Santa or a lumberjack.  Since Christmas has come and gone I thought it might be fun to make him into a lumberjack and place a pin back on it.  I enjoy wearing a pin on my coat and thought it might be fun to place him on it.  I haven't decided what to use the girl for yet so that's still a work in progress. 

For my lumberjack, I started by mixing enough of the White Amazing Casting Resin to pour into the mold and let it sit until it was hardened (approximately 20 minutes).  Now I had a fun piece to use, but needed to figure out how to color him.  That night I really didn't want to dig out my paints and brushes and mess with having to clean those up after I was done.  While I sat at my desk I kept looking at my colored pencils and then thought hey why not try those to color the resin?  Thus, a new level of fun began....

I used my colored pencils and even my blending pencil to add some skin tone and then colored his eyes and hat in. Every so often stopping to blend the color together.  

After I had finished the skin tone, I used a pink pencil to give him a little color in his cheeks and blended it in.  Before I knew it my lumberjack had a personality all of his own.  

I glued a pin back that I had also purchased at my local craft store on and sprayed him with a matte sealer to protect the pencil coloring.  Before it was sealed the pencil did not rub off at all, but overtime with wear and tear it might have so I wanted to keep it from happening so I used the sealer on it.  

This is a picture of my completed pin.  What could be more fun?  Making Santa Claus just by coloring him with red and green pencils!  


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