Sunday, February 5

Amazing Frame with Amazing Mold Putty

I love all those fancy little frames you see in boutiques, but I don't love their price tags.  Now I have a solution where you can make all the fancy frames you want.  I molded one of my frames and now I have a mold to make multiple frames for gifts and myself. 

I coated the inside of my mold with some of Amazing Mold Putty's pearl and gold metallic dust and then painted the pink portion with some pink fairy dust.  The I just poured the casting resin and let it set for about 10 really was ready before that but I wanted to be sure it was set since it was a large casting. 

I finished off the frame with some pearl bling to give that extra little touch and also cut a picture of my sweet sister.  All finished and I love the final result. 

See you soon



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