Monday, February 13

Rehab on Barbie's Doll House

This project showcases the diversity of Amazing Mold Putty and its companion Amazing Casting Resin. On evening not long ago when I got home from work, my two year old grand-daughter greeted me with a doll house door in hand. She excitedly told me a long story about the doll house, Barbie, and the door. The bottom line was that the door was broken and would I fix it. 

An inspection of the door showed that the lower hinge was broken off.
Luckily, the top hinge was in tact.


Amazing Mold Putty to the rescue!! I kneaded equal parts of "A" and parts "B" of Amazing Mold Putty together until there were no streaks. Then I molded the good hinge and upper corner of the door. When the mold was set, I poured Amazing Casting Resin into the mold and set the lower part of the door where the hinge was broken into the groove in the mold that was formed by the top of the door during the molding process.

This shows the mold and the new hinge adhered to the Barbie house door!! I was surprised that the Amazing Casting Resin actually bonded with the door – no gluing required.

Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin saved the day and made one little girl a very happy doll house landlord! :)

There is so much you can do with Amazing Mold Putty and 
Amazing Casting Resin! Check out my Create & Craft blog for more project ideas.   ~ Carole


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