Monday, February 20

My turn @ jewelry!

Hey everybody! DeeDee here for my monthly post.. and I've only got one more after this, I hope above all else I've inspired you to try molding and creating your own pieces for use.. from scrapbook embellishments to card pieces and more.. I hope you've wanted to experiment with pigments, finishes and double pours! And with that.. today I wanted to show you how I did a piece of jewelry.. a couple of the other gals have already touched base but I really wanted to mold a metal bangle bracelet that a friend had...

I Tried a couple of ways and both failed.. then I thought.. maybe it wasn't that I needed to mold differently.. but pour differently! and so that's what I did.. maybe a slight combination of both.. and I'm sharing that with you today!!

the bangle was very thick, very three dimensional and didn't wrap all the way around the wrist..

so to make sure that I didn't use too much putty and had enough time to work with it, I mixed three different times.. working the putty around the bracelet each time... once on the left.. then the right.. and finally in the middle..

here is a photo:

see the separation line there? 

and here is the inside of the mold.. I wanted the inside of the bracelet to be smooth, while capturing the shape of the outside:

Now... onto pouring.. I poured much in the same way as I molded.. in sections.. but more like 6 or 7.. rather than just three. and with the quick cast white resin it actually went pretty fast! I mixed just a couple of table spoons of resin at a time.. then I would "swish" it back and forth in a small area until it hardened into place (only about 3 minutes) then I gave it about a half hour to cure stronger..

then I would move onto the next section over! 

after the piece was all cast I gave it a full 24 hours to cure completely.. and then demolded! The one I'm sharing today was finished with a metallic brown glaze... I brushed it on nice and deep in the crevices.. then wiped it off the raised edges. 

Here is the inside: nice and smooth! I did take the time to sand down any rougher edges so that it was a comfortable fit

and here's this baby on!!

Let me know what you think! I'd also love to answer any questions you have about the AMP -- are you wanting a specific tutorial? Leave me a comment and I'll make it my last post for you!! :) --DeeDee


  1. That's pretty cool Dee Dee...wonder what one would look like Pink with some gold highlights?!?!?


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