Sunday, February 12



I Hope everyone is ready for Valentines Day! I just had to make another Valentine before the great day arrives!


I used the Amazing Mold Putty to create the hearts in a previous post and the frame I created new:

Mix equal parts A & B to create your putty and press your frame into it to make your mold:

Rusty and mold putty 005 Once it sets you pop the frame out and you have this:Rusty and mold putty 006 If you mix equal parts of the Amazing Casting resin along with a little dye and pour it into the mold you get this when it sets up:Rusty and mold putty 007 I also made some resin hearts, which I dusted the mold with pearlesent powders first and they look like this: mold putty valentine 003 I also cast some of the resin into a mold from the Articus company. I then put all of the pieces together and created this happy little Valentine:

mold putty valentine 006

You hold the key to my heart

I’m thinking this would be something that a young girl would enjoy receiving don’t you? Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!




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