Friday, February 24

Make a Mold of a Sculpture... by Niki Meiners

The other day I wanted to try my hand at making a sculpted face. I had a bit of Paper Clay left over from a jewelry project. Like a kid who just received their allowance... it was burning a hole in my pocket. I had never really tried to make a face. So, I started molding and forming. (Not having any person in particular in mind gave me a little advantage.) It took me quite a while to get the proportions correct. 

After all the time and effort I spent making the face I did not want to have to do it again. That is when I decided I would grab my Amazing Mold Putty and make a mold of her. I think her mold turned out fantastic. Now I need to come up with a project to use her on. If you have any suggestions I am open...

~ Niki


  1. What a great mold and an awesome way to use a piece of art over and over again!!!

  2. Love the mold you made. You can use the face mold and incorporated into Mixed Media. Like for instance a tag with some steam punk going around it like a vine. Or you can mix it in with steam punk and some branches.

    Nouel, NYC

  3. Nikki I LOVE the face. So cool for mixed media work.


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