Sunday, February 26

Forgotten in Time by Jennifer Ingle

This piece is called Forgotten in Time. I created it using a mold of my own hand and when I cast it the fingers were blurred creating a movement through time effect I simply could not ignore. The string around the finger is a reminder of that which has been long forgotten over the course of the ever changing, ever moving, always pushing time. I hope you enjoy it.


I began by creating a mold of my hand using Amazing Mold Putty. I mixed it quickly and had The Hubbums help me press it in around my hand to be sure that it was tightly fit. I did coat my hand with some baby powder to make the release a bit easier, but it really wasn't hard to get my hand out of the mold at all and it sets within 15 minutes, so it wasn't too inconvenient, either.

Mold Putty Glove

Once the mold was ready I brushed the inside of it with the Gun Metal metallic powder. I then mixed parts A and B of the Amazing Casting Resin according to the instructions and poured it in the mold. I allowed this to set (it only takes about 10 minutes) and then I allowed it to cool because it heats up quite a bit during the setting process and because this was a large piece it got rather warm. I then removed the cast from the mold by cutting the mold carefully (I can use it as a two part mold in the future) and removing the hand. Some parts were not fully covered with the powder so I mixed some powder with Crystal Laquer and touched up those areas by hand with a paint brush.




The detail that the mold putty captured and the resin took on is just amazing to me! I absolutely LOVE this piece!!!


You can see more of my work over on my blog, Just Jingle! Thanks for leaving your comments!

Jingle Out!


  1. Great mold... love the detail the mold putty picked up. LOVE THIS PIECE!

  2. I can't believe how much detail the putty picked up! This is really neat.


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