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It's Never Too Early to put the HOLIDAYS in LIGHTS!!! Holiday Cake Decor by the AMAZING Sandra Strait

Good Morning... it's Sandra! I'm sad to say this is my last Design Team post for Amazing Crafting Products. It's been a blast, and I hope you'll enjoy this last project of mine. It's a little early for the Holidays... what am I saying? It's never too early for the Holidays!

Now I Know My ABC's...

While shopping at the grocery store (I do a lot of shopping, don't I?) I spied a candy alphabet in the baking section. Aha! I literally said Aha! I took those darling delectables home, and stuck them onto a stamping block with two-sided miracle tape

Amazing Mold Putty comes in two parts, "A" and "B", which set into a flexible but solid form when mixed together. You have about 3-5 minutes to mix the two parts together until they both turn solid yellow. I mixed enough putty so that I could fit the stamping block in. This left me a ridge to help control overflow.


But then I thought – if I cast the whole alphabet, I'll never use all the letters, and often I'll want more than one of each. Why not make molds for common sentiments like "Happy Birthday", and "Thank You" and... "Happy Holidays". I did this, but the one I'm using for this project is "Happy Holidays", so that's the one I'll talk about here.

I followed the same procedure as above with just the letters for Happy Holidays. I didn't mold the entire block this time, but did leave a ridge around the sides and bottom.

Like the Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin comes in two parts. I added some Alumilite Fluorescent {Flo} Red Dye to Part "A", blended completely, mixed it with Part "B" and poured it into my mold.

When I poured the resin, I left enough overflow so that
the two words would all come out together as one piece.

I used a silver leaf pen and high-lighted the decorative part of each character.

Rudolph, the Ring-Nose Reindeer

My reindeer happened because of two things – a failed try at creating a mold with aluminum foil and an unexpected party.

In my last project, I made a mold by twisting together some aluminum foil into the shape of a man. I tried to do the same thing for a horse. 

I thought it looked pretty good, so I made the mold. This time I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin and brown Alumilite Dye.

But, alas! I was unhappy with the result.

Strangely, though, one of the resin spills came out like this. Sure looked like a reindeer's head to me! So I decided I'd turn my horse into a reindeer.

Then the second thing happened. My mother lives in an Assisted Living home, and they threw a party, giving everyone these cool rings that had LED lights inside.

My reindeer now had a big glowing nose! A really BIG glowing nose! I trimmed the ring so the bulb portion would lie flat, and glued it onto Rudolph. I painted his eye, and scumbled on a little white/flesh mixture of acrylic paint for the underside of the tail and along the neck.

This Project Takes the Cake!

I took an artist's panel and glued down transparent ribbon, using some extra-heavy gel medium. The idea was to add a little texture and tinting that would mostly be covered up.

I then glued down strips of lace. I trimmed off the sides (saving the trim for use in other projects). At this point, I took my "Happy Holidays" and "Rudolph" and played around with the layout until I decided where each would go. I decided I needed a third element for balance, so I choose three chipboard cloud figures for the corner.

The idea was to make this look like a cake, so I mixed up some coarse molding paste with blue acrylic paint and began layering it on, as though it was icing. I kept adding more molding paste so that it I was eventually layering on white paste.

Though, I used the molding paste to adhere the chipboard clouds, I left the center mostly bare, and the right corner very thinly covered, so that my resin pieces would lie flat. I sanded the dried paste a bit in those areas, and glued the resin on with E6000®

So now I have a faux Christmas Cake for the Holidays!


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  1. Sandra - Each and every project you've created is better than the last. Your talent AMAZES me every day! I don't know what part I love the best... the antlers, the letters {which absolutely glow like the vegas strip}, or Rudolph's blinking nose. I am totally in awe and I think I'm going to have to make a christmas cake... but I think my spill might turnout like a sleeping elf - LOL!

  2. Sandra, this is AWESOME! I love the way you just went with things, and how your piece ended up!!

  3. Wow, Sandra, this is AMAZING! You always do the coolest, most inventive projects! Thanks for sharing with everyone. 3

  4. You are so incredibly imaginative and talented! LOVE THIS PIECE from the glowing nose to the bits of lace showing through.

  5. What a darling project Sandra!
    Sorry to see that this is you last Design Team post for Amazing Crafting Products but might we see you come back as guest designer? :)

  6. Wow!! Another inspiring project!! Love how you reclaimed the lost horse and converted it into a usable reindeer!! Great idea to use the LED ring for his nose.

  7. So innovative with the letters and reindeer. great job!

  8. another extremely creative project - love the letter idea and Rudolph - I'm a fan of your work! Sorry to see this is your last post, but look forwards to continue to see what else you create!!!

  9. Always on top of your creative game Sandra! Thanks for sharing and supporting the team!!

  10. Your projects are seriously always so inspiring. Your creativity never ceases, Sandra. ♥


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