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Keep Finding Skeletons in the Coffins... Make AMAZING Altered Coffins by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria with another spooky project...
using no other than Amazing Crafting Products.

Wood coffin, ready to be decorated!!! 

I found this cute coffin at the craft store and decided to get a few to decorate, at the time of purchase I was thinking paper as the main material to decorate these, however once I got home and looked at all the molds I had poured I decided to go with Amazing Casting Resin to do the decorating of these coffins.

The coffin after a couple of resin pours, is all ready to add the black make up cream, yes I decided to use this instead of acrylic paint, just wanted to see how it would work on the resin and the wood.
Now I made two different ones, following the same steps. I used the Amazing Casting Resin for two reasons, it sets in a white color and it sets in just about 10 minutes each pour. I poured resin over the coffins in different areas, the objective was not to do a solid coverage, I wanted some areas of the wood to be left uncovered, and by pouring several layers of resin, you get a lot of dimension. 

This is the final result after applying with my fingers the black make-up cream paint to the areas covered in Amazing Casting Resin, you can't see the inside but I did the same as on the outside, after wards I added a little of the green make-up cream paint to the inside of the coffin to add more color.
On the other coffin used for this post (photo below) I mixed some of the Alumilite Copper Metallic Powder to add some color to the resin, once it was set, the inside was painted all in red and on the outside where I used the resin I went over in some areas with red acrylic paint, adding and removing the paint so only some areas had the red, I used some of Tim Holtz new distress glitter in red over the resin before it totally set, to use it as glue for the glitter to stay and it worked. 

Front of coffin (you can see on the bottom some of the
copper colored Amazing Casting Resin used).

Back of Coffin (used the same black make-up cream paint),
and the white you see is the white Amazing Casting Resin.


Side views showing the texture you get from the colored resin,
and the paints added to bring in more color.

Close up of the front of the coffin.

Once the coffin was painted it was just a matter of gathering objects I had on hand to decorate it. On the photos below you will see I took a skeleton that only had a head and arms, three rings a skull, spider and a bat (I cut the bands off). I like to make a lot of molds of things I have around the house, pour resin and keep on hand for future use, that is what I did with the frame you see on the top of the coffin, it was made with mold potty and I used an old makeup box to make the mold. Below are photos of the open coffins I decorated, I will be making a few more as gifts. 

A view of the Open coffin - this one was just painted all with red
acrylic paint and used black lace and ribbon.

A view of the second Open coffin. Here you can see how the inside is a lot different from the other coffin – on this photo you can see the the green make-up paint and red acrylic paint I added to finish the coffin.
I really liked the inside, I took the skeleton that only had a head and arms and cut him up, I placed the head and one hand inside the coffin and then used some old resin spill I had and placed it inside the coffin, instead of using glue to adhere the resin piece and the skeleton head, I mixed some more Amazing Casting Resin colored with Alumilite Silver Metallic Powder and poured it in the inside – leaving some areas exposed of the skeleton head. I added flowers and a bat before the resin set so they would stay permanently. I glued one hand on the outside of the coffin – to make it look as if he melted away while trying to get out.

For the second coffin, I decided to use resin only on the coffin to match the outside, the entire skeleton was used but since it was too big, I figure why not make it look like he's getting out, so I cut the head and arms off and glue them to the outside while the rest of the body was glued inside the coffin. 

Below are photos to show how different the inside of both coffins look.

A close-up of how the inside looks of the first coffin I made 

Here is a close-up of how the inside looks on the second coffin.

I used a lot of left over materials to decorate this coffin. How you decorate is up to you, but using Amazing Casting Resin to color, add texture and dimension to the coffin is what I did here, and to also use it as a glue, now you can't beat that, I say is great when one product can be used in many different ways. Not to mention I did use molded objects such as the cabochon and picture frame casting used on the front of the coffins and resin spills to decorate, I've found out working with wire ribbon has an advantage, since I didn't need the wire on the edges, I cut it off and used it as a decoration (wire already covered with fabric, a plus) as you can see on coffin #2, I wrapped the wire on a paintbrush handle and added to the coffin, nothing really goes to waste.

This cabochon casting was made using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin with Alumilite Silver Metallic Powders, once set I used the Alumilite Gun Metal Metallic Powder all over. Once done, added some Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder and dry brushed some red acrylic paint on top; then coming back with a little bit more of the gun metal and gold metallic powers. These powders are amazing to work with! 

I had so much fun decorating these coffins, I can't wait for Halloween so they can go to their new owners. Have you tried Amazing Crafting Products? Here is a link to our photo gallery, come and share your amazing projects.

If you have not tried resin, I suggest you try Amazing Crafting Products, it will change how you create, there are so many different ways to use their products, and the Alumilite Metallic Powders work great on resin dry or mixed in the resin,  it makes experimenting fun. Check out the website to find out more about the products

Materials used: Wood coffins from the craft store; Amazing Mold Putty; Amazing Casting Resin; Alumilite Copper, Gold, Gun Metal and Silver Metallic Powders; black and green make-up paint; red acrylic paint; Tim Holtz distress red glitter; skeletons; Halloween spider; skull; bat rings; ribbon; lace; flowers; cheese cloth; black feathers; Viva Decor glitter paints; and a hot glue gun.


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  1. These are great! So much fun and the perfect decoration for a Halloween party...totally stealing this idea.

    1. Thanks, go for it, you will see how fun and addictive this gets.

  2. You did a fantastic job on this. Your coffins would be a hit at any Halloween party!


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