Monday, September 30

Amazing Mold Rubber Breeds a Ghoulish Glam Necklace... AMAZING Inspiration by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here again with another inspiration post! Some of you might laugh but my inspiration for this project is my allergies and a lack of time. I have a lot of allergies to key ingredients in beauty care products, which makes putting on any makeup for Halloween difficult. Compounding that, on Halloween we set up a haunted house and yard for the kids and a potluck for friends, which means very little time for a costume. I wanted to come up with something ghoulish but easy to add to most costumes quickly. Well... Amazing Mold Rubber came to the rescue for me! I wanted to do a faux blood drip necklace made from resin that was optically clear, had great detail but was super light. 

I made a faux liquid drip original in polymer clay. I made a mistake with trying to mold the original without making it super smooth. The Amazing Mold Rubber takes such a super fine detail mold of the original that it was making a slightly matte castings. So I went over my original polymer piece with several gloss coats of sealer; in this case I used Mod Podge after degreasing the polymer clay. Now that it is super smooth and glossy, I let it dry before molding.

Because my original was an odd shape, I made my mold box out of a coated cereal box. I used packing tape and hot glue to seal the edges. I glued my original to the bottom of the mold box and poured the Amazing Mold Rubber. The mold came out super glossy and smooth, perfect for casting a ghoulish necklace for Halloween using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Alumilite Red Dye! I drilled a hole on each side of the pendant and threaded clear elastic jewelry cord on for easy wear.

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create???

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy


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  1. LOVE this!! I have had an idea to something similar... now I need to try it!!

  2. I was thinking about doing something like this - great project.

  3. Such a great idea- definitely trying this one!


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