Monday, September 16

GOING CRABBING!!! DIY Crab Claws with AMAZING Mold Rubber by Rachel Whetzel

Hey, AMAZING CREATIVES!! It's Rachel here, and I am SO THRILLED to be sharing the newest addition to the Amazing Crafting Products line!! 

I recently shared with you all here, my experience trying to use Amazing Mold Putty to mold a crab's claw. It didn't go well, but when Amazing Crafting Products came out with Amazing Mold RUBBER, I realized my chances of success were GOOD. 

Here's a reminder of the difference between molds made with Amazing Mold PUTTY (bottom) and Amazing Mold RUBBER (top).

What you'll need to create YOUR Crab Claw:

• A Crab Claw (I got mine beach combing on the Oregon Coast) 
• Krylon Spray paint 
• Acrylic Craft paints (I use Folk Art)

You can find the complete directions for pouring Amazing Mold Rubber HERE. When I started my mold, I made a frame for it, using foam core board, but when I went to pour the rubber, it was clear my mold was too large. 

So I quickly switched to a red solo cup! 

Once the mold was set, I realized that even the solo cup was possibly too large, and that I could have made a mold with much thinner distance between the walls, to help with the peeling of the mold. One of the HUGE advantages of Amazing Mold Rubber is the ability to pull and bend it more easily than Amazing Mold Putty. This makes it very easy to pull off the mold from resin without the mold tearing. However, because my walls were so thick, I had to cut the side to get to the claw. That made it easy to get my piece out, and the flexibility of the mold makes the rubber fit back together so well, that I didn't have any seams to deal with on the finished resin piece! 

After the piece was free, I spray painted the claw with a base coat of orange.

Next, I put a coat of cream over the top of the orange. Then I wiped some of it off, and added more, etc. until I had the color pattern I wanted. Then I added some black into the crevices of the piece to add dimension and age to the piece. 

Here's the piece, front and back! 

I am SO thrilled with the options that Amazing Mold Rubber will create for me now! I can't wait to use it to create MORE 3D molds and pieces for my art! 

What ideas does the NEW
Amazing Mold Rubber give YOU?! 

Leave us a comment here, and tells us what you've been inspired to try! 

I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! rachel


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  1. I love your crabby claws. Your photos make me want to do a watercolor still life with crab claws!

  2. You are welcome to use my photo for your painting, Sandra! :)

  3. Can you bake the mold rubber? I want to use melting beads to cast with instead of resin for a project....but it requires baking the ting bits in the mold .... for example

  4. Christianson - Unfortunatly no. You cannot bake in the Amazing Mold Rubber. But you CAN create your mold and bake in a mold created with Amazing Mold Putty. It can be used for polymer clay, chocolate, cookies, wax, and more. Visit for more info

    We'd love to see what you create!
    :) Susan - ACP Creative Team Coordinator


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