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AMAZING Molds to DIE For!! Making Stencils and Molds from a Die Cutter by Tanya Ruffin

I have seen jewelry made with acrylic shapes and thought, wouldn't it be nice to make my own? So I set out experimenting. I rolled out some Amazing Mold Putty into a flat sheet and ran it through my die cutter using a thin cut die.... It was too thin to cut through the mold putty. So then I made a thinner sheet of Amazing Mold Putty and tried again.... still too thick. Starting to feel like Goldilocks, I tried one more try. This time I used a standard (deeper) die and it was just right!


The shapes I chose were a Fleur-de-lis and Eiffel Tower. Make sure you work over a Teflon craft sheet (Amazing Mold Putty sticks sometimes to the silicone sheets).

Now that I know the magic formula (really just using a deep die), I am ready to begin.

Start with Amazing Mold Putty; mix per intructions equal parts of "A" and "B" just as you would in preparing to cast a mold. Instead, roll the mold putty out flat and rather thin, but not too thin because it will tear. I made mine about the thickness of a quarter. Let mold putty cure prior to next step.

Cut in your die cutter using an original Sizzix or AccuCut die. Do not try with a wafer thin die, they are not deep enough to cut through the Amazing Mold Putty.

There are few ways you can go from here.

For this project I tried all variations using Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Packing Tape Method – Place packing tape on the back of the mold.

Direct to Teflon – Pour resin in directly on the Teflon sheet.

Paper Backing – Place decorative paper under mold and pour resin on top of it. 

Packing Tape Method – I had high hopes for this type, but the bare tape back wrinkled and didn't allow for an even coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Maybe I will try again at another date. Perhaps filled with charms.

Direct to Teflon – This one worked great! There was a little seepage but the Amazing Clear Cast Resin was so thin that it peeled off rather easy. The areas that didn't peel off cut easy with scissors. I also just placed back the inside piece from the die.

Sprinkle a little glitter and now we have a party!

Paper Backing – This is my favorite. I placed a book page under the mold (all on top of the Teflon craft sheet) and poured in the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It seeped too, but the resin spread (wicked) when it hit the paper and it was super easy to trim up. I then dropped watch parts inside and set aside to fully cure overnight.

After you remove the resin from the mold you may see you have a lip. You can mix up a little more resin and top it off. Be VERY CAREFUL – never fill it up to the top. When I filled it up exactly to the the top; I came back to check on it, and it was all over the place. So leave yourself a little wiggle room.

Now I just have to figure out what to make with these!

What will you make with Die Cut Molds?

Leave a comment below... I'd love to hear your creative spin on this.
Please visit my site to see more of my inspiring creations. Thanks! ~ Tanya


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  1. very creative, great ideas and tips, I wonder how duck tape would work instead of the clear packing tape, wonder if it would come right off, but them maybe the other cheap brands of duct tape might work since they are not as sticky as the duck brand. thanks for sharing this great post!!!

  2. Great project! I love that you shared the different ideas you had, and what worked/didn't work.

  3. Fantastic idea! Love your embellishments!

  4. What a fabulous idea for making embellishments. One of my favorite things to do, and you have certainly inspired me to try to make some of these, too. TFS


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