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Make Christmas Merry and Bright! AMAZING Color Variation with "Flo" Green by Brenda Lee Burfeind

Brenda here again with another but similar post. I've been creating heavily lately and I will be showing you so much more gorgeous stuff soon, but today I am showcasing some color variation. Now a while back I showed you the awesome different looks of some of the fabulous cool new colors that Amazing Crafting Products has come out with. Remember... you can go here to check out the post if you missed it.

Well what happens if you combine colors? What I mean is I took this beautiful pendant that I created with a mold using the Amazing Mold Putty. There are tutorials all over the blog on how to mix up your mold putty – if you haven't already seen how CLICK HERE. Please go check out all the other posts while your at it. We just love showing you how you can make beautiful and practical things.

The creative team is amazing and we also
have a fabulous leader in Susan!!!

So back to my project. Using the Amazing Casting Resin part "A", I mixed in 2 tiny drops of the Fluorescent (Flo) Green Dye. You DO NOT need a lot of the dye – but depending on the color you want to achieve, you must use your own judgement. After the dye and the resin were mixed up good, I added the part "B" into that mixture; again making sure to scrape the sides. I mixed them together completely and poured into my mold. After only 5 minutes, a beautiful jade pendant is born... but now what?

Well this is where more Amazing crafting supplies come into play. You know we also have the Amazing Clear Cast Resin? Yes, it does the same thing – only it's clear and not white when cured. It does need to cure for about 24 hours, but when you are creating beautiful things, the wait is well worth it. So, I took part "A" of the clear cast resin and again added 2 tiny drops of Flo Green Dye and mixed them up. Then part "B" was added to that mixture and mixed up well again. I normally let that sit for about 5 minutes to make sure all the air bubbles are out of it before I pour, but in this case I didn't need to. Why you ask? Because I basically used it as a paint. Yes, I painted with it. Now mind you, you cannot reuse your paint brush after you've dipped it into the clear cast resin because it will NOT wash out. Believe me, I've tried.

Now this is what became of
that beautiful jade pendant...

First I used a little bit of black Rub 'n Buff® and then I just painted some of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the gaps of the pendant and surrounded the middle part with it also. See how the color changes when you use the Amazing Clear Cast Resin -vs- the Amazing Casting Resin? I also added some green rhinestones while the clear cast resin was drying and that becomes my glue. By adding a ribbon and a tree hanger to it – then becomes a beautiful Christmas ornament. I know exactly who this was made for without the intention to begin with. I hardly ever know what I will create when I get into the mood.

Thank you for stopping by today and I so hope you've enjoyed your stay here today. 

 What would you create if you used
the same color in variation? 

Also, if you haven't gone to see everyone's creations lately, please check them out here and please feel free to come check out my blog at Creativity is a State of Mind. Until next time, have a great day!
Brenda Lee Burfeind

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  1. Brenda, I love this - it's so pretty in green. great tips on other ways to use the resin.


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