Friday, September 20

Welcome Your Guests to GO AWAY!!! DIY Decorative Wall Tile for the Spooky Season by Isabel Villarreal

Halloween has got to be my favorite day of the year and to celebrate the spooky season, I've made this decorative wall tile that's actually not tile at all – it's made with recycled advertising flyers and my favorite product, Amazing Casting Resin.


To begin, I chose a stack of flyers about 1/2" thick and used craft glue to cover all four edges of the stack. This will join the stack of flyers together. A clip can be used to hold the stack together while the glue dries and you can also add a dot of glue in the center between each flyer for added adhesion. Once the glue dried I had a "tile" made from paper. The glue helped give it strength and made it a nice hard surface to work with. I mixed together equal parts "A" & "B" of Amazing Casting Resin to coat the entire surface of the tile and sprinkled some Alumilite Metallic Gun Metal Powder to give it some glitz – it's easiest to pour in the center and then spread it to the edges. I then added a second coat of resin but this time I added Alumilite Green Dye and a drop of Alumilite Black Dye to part "A" of the mixture and once again coated the tile. Working quickly, I dusted some more metallic powder onto the surface and used a wooden craft stick to swirl the powder into the resin. This gave the tile a marbelized finish.

I wanted to use this detailed skeleton as part of the tile but didn't want to take it apart since I keep it as a year round decoration (yes, I display skellies all year round). This is where Amazing Mold Putty comes to the the resin set I prepared equal parts "A" & "B" of Amazing Mold Putty and prepared to cast the skeleton parts I would need for this project, while leaving the original intact.


I made 2 molds, one for the front of the skeleton and one for the back. Making 2 separate molds allowed me to pour just a small amount of Amazing Casting Resin into each mold in order to get a thinner casting. To color the skeleton I added Alumilite Florescent {FLO} Yellow to part "A" of the Amazing Casting Resin and once the color was mixed evenly I mixed in part "B".


For the details of this project, I also cast some random bones using my skeleton molds and I prepared a silk rose by separating the bloom and leaves from the stem. I would be adding these later to give the tile more details and pizazz.

Now that all of my parts were prepared, it was time to put them all together. I added a third layer of Amazing Casting Resin to the tile and since it dries very quickly (about 10 minutes) I quickly pressed the skely parts into the center of the tile and pressed the silk rose pieces along the right edge. As the resin cured, the skelly and rose were permantly embedded into the surface of the tile. I then added adhesive foam letters to the left side of the tile.

For the final step, I added a coat of resin to the foam letters, this time using Alumilite Florescent (FLO) Red Dye and pressed my random bone pieces into the resin as it dried. I also added a little of the red resin to the some of the petals on the rose. Once all of the layers on the tile were dry I glued some hanging hardware on to the back of tile using a 2-part adhesive and it was ready to greet all of my visitors as it hangs by my front door. 

How will you welcome your visitors this Halloween?

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