Wednesday, September 4

Rooftops with Roses, Foilage or Wearable Wishes... AMAZING Inspiration from Susan M. Brown

The long holiday weekend certainly makes a week fly by! Susan here to share some AMAZING inspiration today. In my daily travels, I am constantly finding objects that I want to mold and cast – especially things that are one-of-a-kind and one I use them, that's it - it's gone. AMAZING CRAFTING PRODUCTS to the RESCUE!!!

So that wish-bone dried out and saved from Thanksgiving dinner for the traditional New Year's hangover and wish-breaking ceremony {the one where yourself and a special someone grab each arm of a wishbone, make a wish and tug, whoever gets the top of the wishbone after the break has their wish come true}; the antique drawer handle that has lost it's companion; unique dried leafs or even a fun food object can be preserved for creative eternity using Amazing Mold Putty {or the new Amazing Mold Rubber}.


When I set out to do some moldmaking with Amazing Mold Putty, I gather up several bits and bobs set aside for molding {though sometimes there's that object you have mere minutes to mold before it leaves your presence - yes - I DO travel with Amazing Mold Putty} and make several molds at one time. This is so when I'm ready to cast with Amazing Casting Resin or Amazing Clear Cast Resin... I'm ready to go and I've got plenty of molds on hand to pour the leftovers into. I've used the molds above dusted with Gunmetal and Bronze Alumilite Metallic Powders and a touch of Brown Alumilite Dye into the Amazing Clear Cast Resin for the cast pieces. Not that these pieces are for any particular project YET - but they are ready at a moments notice. LIKE when the need arises to cover up some holes and add some dimesional POP to a papercrafting project such as this....

This "Inspiration Garden House" was created for Paper Artsy's #3up Challenge and featured yesterday on "Paper Artsy's 3up Night 4 : Squiggly Ink". This is a week-long event wrapping up Tenth Birthday Celebration at Paper Artsy. CLICK HERE for more details on this project.

What objects do you want to mold
and cast for your mixed media stash?

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