Thursday, September 19

Five AMAZING Tips You Need for Molding and Casting! Molding/Casting Tips Vol. 1 by Lonnie Sexton

I have been collecting a list of molding and casting tips over the last few months while working on projects. It can get messy and generate waste at times. Below are some tips to saving time and money.

Stir Sticks

When mixing large volume casting I always use a mixing stick that can be mounted on an electric drill. Using red electrical tape and a small wooden dowel, you can make cheap reusable and disposable mixing sticks. After the casting hardens on the tape it creates a small paddle wheel. When using the power drill to stir castings, always mix at the slowest speed to avoid air bubbles in the cast.

Mixing Paddle

Business Card Stock

I have a few thousand old business cards that have endless use in the shop. I use them to make small reusable funnels for some of the molds that require filling through the inlet. I also tape them to the rim of the container to create a pour spout off the rim.

Recycled business cards make a perfect pour spout or mini funnel.

Card stock funnel

Amazing Mold Rubber Scraps

There is really no such thing as waste when it comes to Amazing Mold Rubber. Save every bit of cured scraps. These can be used on future projects to fill in space. In the photos below you can see the cube shapes sticking out of the mold. They filled up 1/3 of the volume space so I used less new product to finish the mold.

Amazing Mold Putty Re-usable Mix Cups

In one month I used approximately 200 – mixing cups and realized something had to be done to mitigate the waste. I use 1 oz cups, 10 oz, ½ quart and quart cups depending on the size of project. The smaller mixing cups can be replaced by making reusable Amazing Mold Putty cups. Anything left over cures inside and pops out easily later.

Amazing Mold Putty reusable mixing cups with custom formed pouring tips.

What kind of custom tools will you create
using Amazing Crafting Products?

Please come back and join us for more exciting projects, inspiration and tutorials.


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  1. great post, I loved the tips you shared here, specially making out own measuring cups - I was wondering too how to not waste those little measuring cups. thank you for a very informative post

  2. Fantastic tips! I like the measuring cup idea. Those would come in handy for cooking too!

  3. Lonnie - you are so clever and a greencrafter, too!!! Oh yes Sandra - a mold putty cup for mixing sticky food stuff... FABULOUS! I'll be making some mixing cups as soon as I get home in preparation for some resin play :)

  4. OMG!! Why have I never thought of making my own cups!?! I love it.

  5. Great tips- and yes, the cups have got to be the best idea EVER.

  6. Thanks everyone! :) Hope it helps on your creative journey!


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