Thursday, September 5

Foiled Again!!! AMAZING Inspiration from Sandra Strait

I did an Art Journal background a few months ago, and I thought it looked Radioactive.
Just perfect for a scene that could come from a cheap Hollywood Movie.


I wanted to evoke decades of cheap movies designed to scare us, yet make us laugh at the same time. But, how, I wondered, could I make a mold that resembled someone wearing a hazard suit made of aluminum foil? Then, one day I was lining a cookie with... yep, you guessed it...foil, and I thought...

I want a suit that looks like it was made
from aluminum foil --
I'll make it from aluminum foil!

And I did! I wadded up a sheet of aluminum foil, and twisted and turned and pinched it, until it resembled a person wearing a hazard suit. I made my mold with Amazing Mold Putty, and used Amazing Casting Resin mixed with Fluorescent (Flo) Green Dye for one of my men, and with Fluorescent (Flo) Red for the other.

Then I stamped the page with several Halloween rubber stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps! and colored the images with Stardust Gellyroll pens to add some glittery effects. I finished up by using some bits of overflow and spills from my resin cache, including this jellyfish like piece of wadded up resin.  What's a radioactive horror flick without a sea creature to mutate?

Huh.  If I write the script, do you think I could get Hollywood to make the movie?

And have you seen the new products

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Sandra Strait

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  1. My oh my, your imagination has run wild, this is really cool.

  2. Sandra - you never cease to find yet ANOTHER AMAZING use for these products... and a little aluminum man, too! Fabulous :)

    1. Thank you! The man turned out better than the aluminum horse, but I just wasn't looking at it right--it's a reindeer now!

  3. Great color scheme and I LOVE the jelly fish! Very creative

    1. Thank you! I love it when my resin leftovers turn into creatures.

  4. great project, love the stamps, I think I have to go get that halloween bag of stamps.

    1. Thank you! VLVS! has the greatest Halloween stamps!


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