Tuesday, September 10

From Garage Sale Find to Fall Inspired Jewelry... AMAZING Inspiration from Maria Soto

Hi everyone, this is Maria sharing with you another project inspiration. I love to go garage sale shopping with my sister on Saturday mornings, not just to find some cools stuff but to get some much needed walking, you know having a 9 to 5 job where you get to sit for most of the day is not healthy... so hey, going to garage sales is not just fun but healthy – LOL!

Well I love to look for old, vintage jewelry that I can take apart later on and either use it to make new items or add to some mixed media projects. Well I found this nice necklace - it had pretty fall colors and I bought it. I have this thing about making jewelry, it not only needs to be pretty, but comfortable, this necklace was pretty heavy for me, I tried to wear it as is, but just couldn't enjoy wearing it- so I had to take it apart.

I took it all apart and make a set of jewelry, it had to include a ring, but sadly I did not have enough of the amber like stones so I decided to take out the Amazing Crafting Products and get started on making one more stone to make my RING, a must have for me.

Materials I used to make my stone:

Take equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" of Amazing Mold Putty and mix until thoroughly com (follow directions on box or CLICK HERE to view) pressed the bead onto the putty and waited about 10 minutes for the putty to set, removed and my mold was ready for the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Second step – I took the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" into separate measuring cups (included with resin). I added a drop of the Alumilite Orange Dye into part "A", mixed until I had a color similar to the stone next to the cup.

Third – I took a paper clip, opened it up as you see on the photo above, I took a little of the Alumilite Red Dye and placed it randomly onto the colored resin already poured into the mold. I did mix it a little too much, and I didn't like the way it looked with the tiny red spots of dye. Next time I will leave the spots alone. 

Now it's time to let the resin set! When I make rings this way I don't like adding glue to the resin piece and the ring base, I add the ring base to the resin piece when it's still a bit sticky and not fully set, I forgot to take a photo, but that's what I did. I don't mind using a strong glue, but I find this way is better, I know the ring will not come off and is water proof so it will be set for good.


Here is the "ring" all ready for the final additions;
wire and beads to be glued on top of the resin piece. 

Side view of the cured resin ring. 

Here is the finished ring, it now matches the earrings and bracelet I made from the old necklace I bought. Perfect colors for fall. 

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to see the full set I created from my necklaces, stop over at my blog "What is Creativity" at http://chuy-creativity.blogspot.com.

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create???

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  1. Love the resin ring base you made Maria! Colors are just perfect for Fall. :)


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