Saturday, March 3

That Is Not a Phone

I was looking through my attic and found an antique phone, that actually still works (well sort of!) I took it downstairs to let my nephew try it out. He of course had no idea what that silly thing was, he certainly didn't think it was a phone! It also gave me the perfect opportunity for a cool layout.

I made a mold of the telephone dial using Amazing Mold Putty and cast it with the Amazing Casting Resin. I painted it using Creative Inspirations Paints. What was really cool, was that I had a Unity Stamp set that had the telephone numbers, that fit perfectly under my dial. Talk about serendipity!

So don't be afraid to come up with your own "out of the box" embellishments. Who knew a telephone dial would grace the pages of a layout?! This is my last post as a DT member and I must say this has been a really fun product to work with, and I've enjoyed my time on the team. I wish everyone who is trying out for the new team the best of luck!


  1. This is such a cool idea! Absolutely love it! Must raid the attic now for things to mold!
    Nat -x-

  2. Very cool. I need to find a rotary phone now :)

  3. Oh, you've talked me into Amazing mold putty! So, many childhood memories we can mold. Thanks!

  4. Love the idea of creating a mold from the telephone... your layout is so much fun!


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