Friday, March 16

Pendant Necklace

As a member of the Amazing Mold Putty design team, we were all asked to submit a project for CHA and I was pretty intimidated at first.  I wanted to make something that screamed wow...  My son's girlfriend had been over for dinner and she always wears the cutest jewelry.  She had on a long necklace with a fairly large pendant and that's when it hit me...I could recreate something like that.  Hers was a bit heavy and that made my idea even better.  I used Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin (liquid to solid in 5 minutes), Alumilite's Silver and Gold Powder, Gold acrylic paint and Silver paint marker to complete this project. 
First  I made a mold of one of my favorite belt buckles
and a Fleur De Liz button
I casted the belt buckle with the Resin and Silver Metalic Powder
and the Fleur de Lis button with Gold Metalic Powder
I highlighted various spots of the pendant with the
gold metallic paint and highlighted the tops of the 
Fleur De Lis with a silver painters pen
I added gold and silver chains to the pendants to create this beautiful necklace
I was pretty happy with the outcome and my son's GF was amazed.  I sent my pendant off to CHA and got a lot of positive feedback from it.  Even though I couldn't be there, at least a part of me was...LOL


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