Wednesday, March 5

Sliding Down the Rainbow into a Pot of Gold
with an AMAZING St. Patty's Day Ensemble by Brenda Burfeind

Hello everyone, Brenda here again to share an AMAZING handmade St. Patty's ensemble. Yes, I know, jewelry again, but I will tell you why!!!

1. I love making it

2. It's cheaper than buying it
(especially for something you might only wear once a year)

3. I can make it to my liking
(ie, color, design, etc.)

Reason enough? :)

I knew I wanted something for St. Patty's day. I'm not Irish, but that doesn't mean I don't want to show off some bling that day. I've been looking at all the cute stuff in the stores already and what they want for some of that stuff is RIDICULOUS. I mean come on, $8 for a plastic necklace? Especially for something I know I will only wear once a year. I decided I could probably make something far less expensive and to my own taste using my Amazing Crafting Products and items in my crafty stash! 

SO let's get started!

With my Cricut I cut 5 pieces of the top hat out of chipboard and layered them together to give me a thicker piece and created my mold using Amazing Mold Putty. (No cost since the chipboard was from a recycled cereal box). If you are new to our blog, you can find instructions in almost every post or use the search button on the top of the page and type "how to make a mold" (or CLICK HERE to view a video).

I then mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin with a teeny tiny amount (probably the size of a pin head) of the Alumilite Black Dye and and 3 drops of the Alumilite Fluorescent "Flo" Green Dye

Once the mold had set up I popped them out and now this is where the fun began. 

You can see that there is just a tiny hint of green to the hats. 

I'm rather pleased with combining the two colors.

I cut the "band" for the hats out of green scrapbook paper and these tiny clovers are left over confetti from last year and glued them onto the resin piece. 

YES, I keep everything. 

Added a rhinestone (also on hand) to the center of the "band" to replicate the buckle and drilled holes for the jump rings and earring wires (on hand). 


I did the same exact thing for the hat. I lightened this picture up very much so you could see the "silver glitter" around the hat and band. It's a silver jelly pen and writes on the resin piece perfectly. 

I added a silver chain (on hand) and a flat back bezel (on hand) that I glued onto the back with E-6000® adhesive. 


I also made a pin to wear on my jacket by gluing
a pin back (on hand) to my finished resin piece...

again at NO COST! 

Now I have the perfect ensemble for St. Patty's Day

Now I have more "Green Beer" money.

I hope you've enjoyed my NO COST tutorial. 

Which holiday would you make
a jewelry ensemble for
and what would you make?

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  1. I love your project, you can never make too much jewelry!

  2. This is very cute! I'll be making my own for St Patrick's Day :)

  3. Thank you all for your nice comments :)


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