Saturday, March 29

COOKING up some #Cre8time Fun! AMAZING Food Safe Inspiration from Rachel Whetzel

hot peppers in soy sauce

Recently, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that effects how my body absorbs nutrients. In my research on my disease, I read a lot about how beneficial fermented foods are for the gut. I already love Kim-chi and Sauerkraut, which are both traditionally made through fermentation, so I began to look into the process. That started my newest adventure into lacto fermentation. To ferment, you need to have a Fermenting Crock, and most of them come with TWO PART WEIGHTS that weigh your ferment product down, and hold it under the brine surface to keep molds and bad bacteria from growing. I ordered some ceramic weights from a small etsy seller, but I wanted to get started on my fermenting NOW!! It was killing me to weight. (heh heh... see what I did there?) As I was talking to my mom about wishing I could get started now, I remembered that Amazing Mold Putty is FOOD SAFE!! I could use it to create my own weights! 

So I created the weights in the image above, and placed it in the top of my jar, as you can see. Then I placed my lids with their air locks on top, and all the items to be fermented are below the brine surface! I also used some Amazing Mold Putty to create seal rings for my lids just inside the top, but I don't have a picture of that. Basically, I used Amazing Mold Putty to duplicate a ring like THIS

Here are my ferments happily making probiotics for me.
I can't wait to see how the weights work for my ferments! 

My inspiration for you this month is to remember just HOW versatile Amazing Mold Putty really IS!! Being food safe, and easy to cut with scissors once it's cured makes it so simple to create things like seal rings, and even fermentation weights!! You are really truly only limited by your imagination. 

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