Tuesday, March 4

Forget the RULES! AMAZING Inspiration by DeeDee Catron

Hey Folks! DeeDee here today to INSPIRE you! First of all... remember last month when I used a No-Gelatin AMAZING MOLD RUBBER plate to create my background? I did it again this month! The background on my project was inked, misted, splattered, and gessoed all on the Amazing Mold Rubber plate, and then transferred to patterned paper. 

But really today is more about me telling you to forget the rules, baby! Now don't get me wrong, when it comes to resin and specifically calculated measurements and components, let's stick with the correct #s; 1:1 ratio for Amazing Casting Resin and Amazing Clear Casting Resin, etc. What I'm talking about is when it comes to making and filling a mold. 

Today specifically I'm demonstrating on only partially filling a mold. Not a double pour, or triple pour, or anything like that, but a single PARTIAL pour. Check out this tag in a trio I recently did: 

I really specifically wanted my vintage frame to look... well... VINTAGE. I wanted it to be distressed and weathered metal, sure, but I also REALLY wanted it to be BROKEN. So I dusted my mold with Alumilite Gunmetal Metallic Powder (incidentally this is an Amazing Mold Putty mold)  and mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin. As soon as my resin was completely mixed, I lightly coated the mold by pouring super slowly, while avoiding the spot that you can see missing. As the resin stared to cure in my cup I poured more, because it was thicker and flashing already, I was able to control exactly where it went. 

Hope this broadens your resin horizons! Join me on my own 
blog to see more projects of my own! ♥DeeDee


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