Wednesday, March 19

#Cre8time takes a PIN-teresting Stand!
AMAZING Inspiration by Brenda Burfeind

Good day Amazing friends! Brenda here to inspire you to use your scrapbook paper to create beautiful domed pieces. What is doming you might ask?  It is layering Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the top of a piece to give it a raised "glass like" look. I love doming projects for my scrapbooks because it really draws your attention to a particular piece you would like to SHOW off.

The first thing you must have is a doming board. You can buy them off the internet, but I needed one NOW and decided to make my own.

I cut a piece of foam core and pushed dressmaker pins into it.  

Once they are all set in as small or large of an area you need.

I placed a block ontop and pushed so that all the pins would be even. This is mandatory since you do not want your piece you are doming to be lopsided.

This is a beautiful paper glittery butterfly I had in my stash of scrapbooking supplies, and thought it would make a fabulous embellishment.

Pour Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the top and since it's self leveling it will flow to the outer edges nicely. Then let set to cure for 24 hours.

I also applied a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin
on the bottom, then let set to cure again for 24 hours.

This step is not necessary if you are using it on a page
or card, but I had another thought...

How about a beautiful pendant? 

I hope I've inspired you to use some Amazing Clear Cast Resin to dome something. Whether it's for a scrapbook page, a card, altered art or even making your own jewelry.

If you were to dome something,
what would it be and what
use would you have for it?

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  1. Brenda - you are so clever! I have one of those doming mats and it's awful... so I'm going to break out the sewing box and try this! Stunning necklace, too :)

  2. Thanks guys. It's so easy and cheap! I do believe that my necklace sold this morning also. Go me!


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