Wednesday, June 11

3D Prints + Resin = Coolness! Custom Guitar Embellishment by Tanya Ruffin

This print in progress is not the one used in today's project.

3D Printing is in the infancy of coolness, but combining it with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin brings it to another level. Watch this video to see how I took a botched up 3D print and gave it new life. 3D prints do not come out perfect every time. Actually, most of the time they do not, but you can learn to work with what you get. Some printers are better than others. This print uses the Cube printer, which costs about $1,200. The Da Vinci runs about $600 and seems to be a much better all around 3D printer. I also just read about a new $250 printer to soon hit the market!

Sorry to say, this one print was botched every single time
I printed it, but I REALLY wanted it!!

So I created a cast resin version using Amazing Crafting Products!

Check it out by the magic of video...

I'm so happy how this came out and it looks great too!

 Resin piece embellishing the Final Project!

I used:

What would you create on a 3D printer
for custom molding and casting?

Until Next Time... ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

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  1. Tanya - this is so AMAZING and totally COOL! I love that you were able to convert the 3D piece into something fully functional with ACP. I'm totally itching to find a place to play with 3D printing.


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