Wednesday, June 18

Have a Drink?? You can Pour Yourself #Cre8time AMAZING Bangles with Rachel Whetzel

Hello, AMAZING peeps!! It's Rachel Whetzel... and I just got done making myself some really COOL bangle bracelets!! I have loved the posts here on the blog from other Creative Team Members sharing their bracelet ideas... (more here) but many of them already have a piece to mold, and I did not. The other day it hit me. I don't NEED an original!! All I needed was the round shape!! So I got started! 

Here's what you'll need to make a bracelet of your own:

Here is a bit of my twine and string collection. 

To create my mold, I found a cup that had sides that went straight up and down, and didn't get smaller at the bottom. Then I got to work getting the Amazing Mold Putty ready for the rim of the cup. (Please CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions on how to mix Amazing Mold Putty.) I formed the putty into a ball.

Next, I flattened the ball, and then I started a hole in the center of the ball, to keep from wasting putty in the center of the cup area. 


When my ring was the right size, I pressed the edge of the cup into it, and flipped the piece over to press the edges of the mold around the glass on both sides of the rim. 

Then I turned the piece back over, and allowed it to cure. 

Thankfully, I thought to use some cardboard to catch the spills, because pouring into those skinny molds was HARD!! (One of my molds didn't work, so I only ended up making two bracelets for now.) Click HERE for directions on Mixing Amazing Casting Resin.

The cup I used was just a little too large for my wrists, so before the Amazing Casting Resin completely set, I cut out a section, and put holes into the ends, so that I could tie them together. Then I got busy wrapping the string around the piece!! 

I love the way they turned out!!
I can't wait to create a whole arm full of them to wear! 

Thank you for reading! Want to see more of what I'm up to?

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Thanks for stopping by! ~ rachel

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  1. Ingenious, love, love, love this idea. I can make ittle ones for my grand girls using this technique. Thanks for sharing

  2. It would be SO easy to do with littles!! My grand daughter has been playing with them the whole time she's been here. I should help her make one to fit HER!


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