Monday, June 2

A little Re-INTROduction to Amazing Mold Rubber

Welcome to another Mold Rubber Monday! Susan here to reshare a video introduction to mixing and preparing a mold using Amazing Mold Rubber. We have so many new friends and users of Amazing Crafting Products, I thought it's a good time to share this again. This video is recorded in real time with no editing – so you can see how quick and easy molding with this product is.

Amazing Mold Rubber is now available in Hobby Lobby Stores and other retail locations, so basic getting started info is always useful. That's one of the great things about these products – the projects and techniques shared here never get old, so please feel free to search our archives and get inspired and excited about mold-making and casting! ENJOY :)

Amazing Mold Rubber is an easy to use, high strength liquid silicone mold making rubber that is strong, soft and flexible - great for undercut parts and cures in approx. four hours. Amazing Mold Rubber is a two-part liquid rubber used to make extremely elastic molds to produce quick and exact reproductions of your original. Replicas can then be cast in Amazing Casting Resin, Amazing Clear Cast Resin for plastic parts - or use other materials such as plaster, wax, clay or polyester... and that's just the beginning to all the fabulous uses just waiting to be discovered!

After four hours my Amazing Mold Rubber was fully cured and my AMAZING No-Gelatin Rubber Plate was ready for a joyride! CLICK HERE to view a second video which is a test run on my faux gelatin plate... and my FIRST TRY at Gellin'.

For more details on Amazing Mold Rubber and the molds shared in the video above, please CLICK HERE to jump to a post talking about those items more in depth.

What are your creative dreams
using Amazing Mold Rubber???

Please leave a comment below to share your ideas -or- please, ask us questions! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here -or- check out more videos on my YouTube channel here. ~ Susan

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative evening!

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  1. Was a winner picked from the post contest last week?
    It said June 1st but i haven't found a name - or maybe I'm in the wrong place. Thanks. I would love to win the prize. I'm trying to get into more than just paper crafting.


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