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Amazing Mold Rubber Inspires #Cre8time Improvisation... by Featured Artist Tina Walker

Hello Amazing Crafters! Today we continue our "Featured Artist" series here at the Amazing Crafting Products blog. Each month we feature one artist who joins us to share a special project and some inspiration using Amazing Crafting Products. Today Tina Walker is joining us for Mold Rubber Monday and sharing a bright and colorful mixed media canvas utilizing Amazing Clear Cast Resin and her Amazing No-Gelatin Printing PlateCLICK HERE to head on over to Tina's Blog "A Dog's Lifeto see more of her fabulous work. Enjoy! 

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An AMAZING Resin Canvas...

In January, while at CHA, I was hanging out at the Amazing Crafting Products booth with Susan Brown. She had created a 'Mold Rubber Printing Plate' and I was intrigued by the process and creative possibilities. Susan was a super sweetheart and made me my very own Rubber Plate. I carefully carried home with me and couldn't wait to create something with it.

At the show, Susan had added paint to the top of the rubber and let it dry. She then covered it with a thin layer of Amazing Casting Resin {CLICK HERE to view the CHA demo}. I loved this idea, but what if you used Amazing Clear Cast Resin? Then you could see the color/pattern underneath the resin. So I went to work.....

Here's my rubber plate with acrylic paint.

And when the paint was dry. I made a batch of Amazing Mold Putty and applied
it around the mold rubber slab to make a 'border' to contain the resin.

Okay - this is where I need to confess. I had NEVER used the Amazing Clear Cast Resin before this project, so I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Soooooo, when I poured the resin into the mold, it was thicker than I wanted. Here's the clear resin casting.

My original intent with the resin, was to cut it into small (1"x1") pieces, but because it was thicker than I expected, I had a hard time cutting it. So while it was still 'soft' and curing, I cut it into pieces I could manage. The pieces were not 'perfect' squares, so I accepted them the way they were. :)

I did love how the paint was embedded into the resin, and the great texture that was created, but because my original plan wasn't working, I wasn't sure what to do with my pieces. 

How about a canvas?
You can never go wrong with a canvas.

So I took a raw canvas and painted it with watercolors. I thought this would create an interesting background behind the resin pieces.

But, I wasn't getting the effect I was looking for. On to idea #2.

How about doodles? I love doodles!

So I drew randomly shaped flowers (with Montana Markers) on each square.

I really liked how this was looking.
Now what?

I placed the painted resin pieces on my canvas in a pleasing design. I drew around each rectangle and painted it in with white paint. I then outlined each square with black.



I threw in some floral doodles around the squares and outside edge!


I really LOVE how this turned out.
A project 'failure' into a piece of art that I really love.

So what project failure have you created
that was turned into a piece of art?

I'd love to see them - please comment below with a link. Tina

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You can see more of Tina's scrapbook, Home Décor, and mixed media projects on her blog, "A Dog's Lifeat

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Thanks so much for dropping by! Check back Friday when we pose our fun Questionnaire to our Featured Artist Tina Walker... you don't want to miss it! Hope you are having a wonderful day! :) Sb


  1. Tina did I tell you yet what an amazing, creative person you are? I loved reading about your "process" ! Fab outcome!

  2. I love this project, and how ideas come together as you create.

  3. Love this canvas and how you never gave up and created something so pretty.


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