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March of the Lucky #Cre8time Pachyderms... AMAZING Inspiration by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I bring you an inspiration post. I've had these tiny elephants for many years – my mother gave these to me and said they are supposed to bring you good luck. I just think they are pretty and they are just the smallest elephants in my collection. I have a family of 10 elephants that have survived many moves. I decided to make some more and in different colors too! The new elephants will become part of my crafting embellishment stash... you will have to tune in later on to see what I've done with these little ones.

This photo below shows the Amazing Mold Putty, all ready for mixing. You need an equal amount of each putty and mix well until you see a solid yellow. If you still see white, you need to keep mixing until its a uniform color to make sure your putty cures correctly {CLICK HERE to view mold putty mixing/preparation}.

Below you can see the Amazing Mold Putty all mixed and the elephants pressed in. Since I had too much putty and I didn't want to waste any – I took a bottle cap and a dime and pressed into the leftover space. I know I will use these some time in the future. I recommend you always keep items on hand that you can mold in case you have too much putty left over, it eliminates waste. It will only take about 10 minutes for the putty to cure. You can test if curing is complete by pressing your fingernail into the putty, and the if putty comes back up - it's cured. If a depression stays leave it a little longer longer. It's fine, it will still work, you just need to make sure it's cured all the way. Curing is heat activated so time may be faster or a little slower depending on climate.

I decided to use the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to make my new elephants, and I used some of the Alumilite Metallic Powders and Alumilite Dyes.

First make sure to mix the Amazing Clear Cast Resin as instructed on the box, equal parts of "A" and "B" {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.  If you want to add color to your molds, I suggest you add these to part "A", mix well and then add part "B" and mix again. You do have enough time to use the clear cast resin after it's mixed. After I mixed my resin I actually had the chance to make a few more molds, so I could pour several of these elephants at once. I would suggest to keep some extra molds on hand or wax paper in case you have extra resin left. 

Below are photos showing my new elephants. Can you tell which photo has the original ones? I love the colored ones, but the clear are just as pretty. I can't wait to get my new projects done with these cute little elephants and also use them in some handmade gifts for people that I KNOW love elephants.

I hope that I have inspired you to give these fun products a try! If so, please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products. We are featuring our fan's photos right here on the Amazing Crafting Products Blog every Friday in July – so make sure to join us and have fun creating!!!!

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