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AMAZING Golden Personalized Gifts... by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I'm sharing a fun project to make for gifts. This time of year we all try and find the perfect presents for our family and friends – I wanted to make my own. I've been working on several and I've wanted to make some custom key chains. I had one a friend gave me when she came back from Florida. I liked the shape so I thought it would be fun to make a mold and custom make some. I thought about adding glitter, but then I noticed I had several packs of green leaf – so I thought it would be fun to make some and show the leafing as if it was floating inside a casting of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

I used the new product Amazing Remelt to make my mold – it's very easy to use. This product comes packaged in a plastic container and it looks like a big block of jello. You cut the amount you think you will need and melt it in the microwave using the following directions {CLICK HERE to view preparation/process}. 

Once the Amazing Remelt is liquified, you mix it gently so you don't create any air bubbles and if you see any you can pop them with a needle. the photo below shows the melted product, and the bubbles you see were gone when I mixed it and I popped the bigger ones. You need to remember to use a heat safe container, and be careful handling since it might be hot when you remove it from the microwave.

Now I suggest that you have your other container with your items to be molded ready, so when your Amazing Remelt is ready, so are your items. I buy frozen dinners and some come in these cute plates and I save them now to use for this product – since they are heat safe, I can use them to melt or to mold on them. In the container I had room for two items. You don't want to waste product, even if this molding product is re-usable... just add another item and you will have two items done at once.

After pouring the Amazing Remelt over my items, it sets up and is ready in about half an hour. Since I always work late, I always leave my molds to cure over night.

Remelt has cured over night. I flipped over the mold to remove the items molded.

My molds are ready, and I placed this mold back onto the plastic plate I used.

I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin to pour into the new Amazing Remelt mold, layered with Variegated Green Leaf to make my key chain {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. I turned my mold over and left it in the same plastic plate to work on it.

I used a metal hair pin to make sure I had an opening for the key chain. Because the mold is very thin, I had to use the mixing stick to pour the Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the mold slowly, filling it half way. I did wait about 20 minutes before adding the metal leaf, just to make sure it will stay on top of the resin. 

After adding the metal leaf to the resin, I poured more Amazing Clear Cast Resin over it and left it to cure overnight.

It came out as I imagined! The metal leaf stayed right in the center of the resin – it looks as if it's floating around. I took some glitter glue I had on hand and added a little all around the edging of the key chain. I attached the metal findings, and it is ready to be gifted. You can add anything you want to this mold... an image, beads, even glitter if you want! There are so many ways to customize this mold. It all depends on who you plan to give this to.

This was a fun project, easy and perfect to make customized gifts for any occasion. I hope I have inspired you to get creative with all of these amazing products... there really is nothing you can't do. They allow me to make my creative visions real. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to create what you imagine, especially with products that allow you to do this are truly amazing.

What would you cast into Amazing Remelt
to create personalized holiday gifts?

Share your projects with us, we love to see what
everyone creates with Amazing Casting Products.

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