Tuesday, December 16

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree... AMAZING #Handmade Garland by Isabel Villarreal

I'm pretty sure at this point every one of you has already finished decorating your tree but because I was busy and because I'm a sometimes procrastinator and mostly because I like to get in my own way as often as possible I decided to wait until this past weekend to go out and buy one. The bad news is that at this point all the cool ornaments and decorations have been bought and the choices on the shelves are slim and slightly sad from being pushed around and rearranged.

The good news is that since I'm a crafter, I get to play around with Amazing Casting Products' resins and dyes while making fun stuff for my tree. I already had lights, ornaments and various other things I love to throw on the tree just to make it slightly weird... but really, what my tree wanted this year was a banner. Yes. It needed a message.


On the off chance that I would need them sometime and also because I know you can always use letters when crafting – I created an alphabet mold using dollar store plastic letters and Amazing Mold Rubber

Aha!! Letters... Message... I knew these letter molds would come in handy!

I brushed the letters I would be using with Alumilite Gunmetal Metallic Powder. A little Alumilite Black Dye mixed in some Amazing Casting Resin goes into the mold and 15 minutes later I had perfect metallic letters. I removed the letters from the mold while they were still soft so that I could scissor away any rough edges or over spill.


Amazing Mold Putty makes my life so easy! I just mixed up a batch of putty to make a quick mold with a nice flat surface that could be used as a canvas. Using Alumilite Fluorescent Dyes, I drew a pattern in my mold and filled it with Amazing Casting Resin.

Amazing Casting Resin dries a solid white color and my hope was that the pattern would be picked up and cured into the resin as it was setting. Yup... it worked! The swirled dye was still a little wet when I removed it from the mold, but that was all part of my plan...

Next step – add a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin with a bit of Alumilite Pearlescent Powder, then drop the letter in the middle of the circle. The Clear Cast softens the dye pattern even more and the colors swirl together as the resin is setting. I'm loving these neon colors! I made 2 banners: one with swirled color and the other with neon polka dots.

Drill a hole on each side and at the top center. A couple of brass fasteners on each side hold each individual letter plate onto the gold glitter ribbon. I added some small skulls and ribbons between each letter to satisfy little bit of my dark side. And look at how awesome this looks when lit from behind with Christmas lights! Love. It. My tree has a banner and everyone is merry.

What will you do with Amazing Mold Rubber
and Amazing Mold Putty this season?

I'd love to see what you create! Please upload and share your creations to the

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